Name Title City Phone Email
Eric S. Adams Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8122
Brendan Aloysius Barry Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3884
Brent C. Bell Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6725
Bud Bennington Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6755
Keegan A. Berry Associate Orlando 1-407-481-6515
Kelscey A. Boyle Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6933
Amanda B. Buffinton Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8193
John H. Dannecker Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6727
Steven M. Ebner Partner Miami 1-305-347-7323
Jeffrey S. Elkins Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6805
Marshall J. Emas Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3838
Terry B. Fein Partner Miami 1-305-347-7313
Meredith A. Freeman Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8115
Scott A. Glass Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6964
William L. Grant Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6732
Justin A. Green Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6928
Steven M. Greenberg Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8538
Jacqueline F. Howe Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3821
Todd F. Kobrin Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6766
Kathleen M. Krak Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6758
Christian M. Leger Senior Attorney Orlando 1-407-835-6752
Emily M. Martin Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6977
William C. Matthews Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6767
Jack C. McElroy Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6734
Joshua D. Miron Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3866
Kristin K. Morris Senior Attorney Tampa 1-813-227-8196
Steven R. Parson Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8557
Harold “Ed” Patricoff Partner Miami 1-305-379-9189
John Patterson Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3770
Kristin Drecktrah Paz Partner Miami 1-305-379-9138
Dario A. Perez Partner Miami 1-305-379-9162
Olga M. Pina Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8105
E. Zachary Rans Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3787
Eric C. Reed Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6790
Margaret "Peggy" A. Rolando Partner Miami 1-305-379-9144
Glennys Ortega Rubin Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6757
Paul J. Scheck Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6730
David A. Shontz Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6722
Aleksey Shtivelman Associate Miami 1-305-379-9135
Michael P. Silver Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8120
Sean M. Smith Associate West Palm Beach 1-561-671-5838
Erik F. Szabo Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6764
Derrick M. Valkenburg Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6798
William M. Woods Associate Tampa 1-813-227-8119
Jeffrey S. York Partner Jacksonville 1-904-899-9952

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