Name Title City Phone Email
Edward J. O’Sheehan Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3841
Jacqueline F. Howe Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3821
Sara Levy Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3840
David O. Batista Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3882
Josh A. Rubin Associate Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3873
Edwin J. Stacker Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3839
J. Paul Fanning Associate Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3836
Christopher M. Scardina Associate Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3835
Amy M. Wessel Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3889
Joseph M. Goldstein Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3837 (Ft. Lauderdale) 1-850-241-1717 (Tallahassee)

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