Name Title City Phone Email
Eric S. Adams Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8122
Brendan Aloysius Barry Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3884
Brent C. Bell Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6725
Joseph D. Bolton Of Counsel Miami 1-305-379-9106
Bowman Brown Partner Miami 1-305-379-9107
Andrew M. Brumby Of Counsel Orlando 1-407-835-6901
Sidney C. Calloway Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3833
Sheila M. Cesarano Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-305-379-9103
Jonathan Cohen General Counsel/Partner Miami 1-305-379-9173
Kevin D. Cowan Partner Miami 1-305-379-9110
John H. Dannecker Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6727
Luis A. de Armas Partner Miami 1-305-379-9114
James A. Farrell Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8539
Charles Robinson Fawsett Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6903
Roland A. Gallor Partner Miami 1-305-415-9073
Joseph M. Goldstein Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3837 (Ft. Lauderdale) 1-850-241-1717 (Tallahassee)
Michael L. Gore Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6905
William L. Grant Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6732
Michael J. Grindstaff Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6927
R. Alan Higbee Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8131
Mary Ruth Houston Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6939
J. Gregory Humphries Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6940
Juli Simas James Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6774
Rod Jones Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6906
Alfred A. LaSorte Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8540
Stephen T. Maher Partner
Arthur J. Menor Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8510
Lee E. Nelson Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8160
Harold “Ed” Patricoff Partner Miami 1-305-379-9189
Francis E. Rodriguez Partner Miami 1-305-347-7364
Aliette DelPozo Rodz Partner Miami 1-305-347-7342
Margaret "Peggy" A. Rolando Partner Miami 1-305-379-9144
Matthew S. Sackel Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8545
Paul J. Scheck Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6730
Jennifer Slone Tobin Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6960
Ricardo J. Souto Partner Miami 1-305-415-9075
J. Donald Wasil Partner Miami 1-305-379-9157

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