Name Title City Phone Email
Rafael A. Aguilar Partner Miami 1-305-379-9131
Rikki Lober Bagatell Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8547
Steven K. Barber Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8171
Brendan Aloysius Barry Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3884
David O. Batista Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3882
Jeffrey Butensky Associate Miami 305-379-9153
J. Thomas Cookson Partner Miami 1-305-379-9141
Kevin D. Cowan Partner Miami 1-305-379-9110
Luis A. de Armas Partner Miami 1-305-379-9114
Jean-Charles Dibbs Partner Miami 1-305-379-9192
Arthur J. Furia Partner Miami 1-305-347-7346
David A. Gemunder Of Counsel Tampa 1-813-227-8133
H. Timothy Gillis Partner Jacksonville 1-904-899-9926
R. Alan Higbee Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8131
Russell P. Hintze Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6814
Jacqueline F. Howe Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3821
J. Gregory Humphries Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6940
Paul William Jezierny Associate Miami 1-305-347-7374
John Cameron E. Katz Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6787
Jordan G. Lee Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8183
William G. McCullough Partner Miami 1-305-347-7310
Patrick L. Murray Consultant Miami 1-305-379-9129
John Patterson Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3770
Olga M. Pina Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8105
Kimberly A. Prior Partner Miami 1-305-347-7302
Peter A. Rahaghi Partner Miami 1-305-347-7362
Kadeem G. Ricketts Associate West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8558
David E. Rodrigues Gonçalves Partner Miami 1-305-347-7358
Francis E. Rodriguez Partner Miami 1-305-347-7364
Stefan A. Rubin Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6735
Raul J. Salas Partner
Michael E. Siegel Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3775
Alfred G. Smith Partner Miami 1-305-379-9147
Charles Mark Stevenson Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8116
Greta E. M. Trotman Partner Miami 1-305-415-9044
Suzanne M. VanLeeuwen Partner Jacksonville 1-904-899-9953
Lazaro I. Vazquez Associate Miami 1-305-415-9015
Leann M. Warfield Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6943
Bryan Wells Partner Miami 1-305-347-7300
Curtis Wolfe Partner Miami 1-305-379-9187
Adam S. Woodruff Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8172
Sally T. Woodward Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8132
Nicole Zaworska Associate Tampa 1-813-227-8195

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