Name Title City Phone Email
Aaron M. Ahlzadeh Associate Miami 1-305-415-9487
Steven K. Barber Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8171
David O. Batista Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3882
Douglas G. Brehm Partner Miami 1-305-379-9140
Jerel C. Dawson Partner Miami 1-305-347-7363
Steven M. Ebner Partner Miami 1-305-347-7323
Nicholas H. Esser Associate Miami 1-305-379-9104
Jonathan M. Fordin Partner Miami 1-305-347-7390
William J. Gallwey Of Counsel Miami 1-305-347-7312
Rochelle A. Hall Associate Miami 1-305-347-7320
Rachel M. LaMontagne Partner Miami 1-305-347-7367
Jeffrey M. Landau Partner Miami 1-305-379-9190
Jocelyn C. Larson Senior Attorney Miami 1-305-379-9125
Daniel R. Lazaro Associate Miami 1-305-347-7377
Sara Levy Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3840
Victoria San Pedro Madani Associate Miami 1-305-379-9154
Ryan M. McCarthy Senior Attorney Miami 1-305-379-9132
John E. Meagher Partner Miami 1-305-379-9198
Jake Monk Associate Miami 1-305-379-9116
Manuel Negron Partner Miami 305-379-9130
Mayte Peña Associate Miami 1-305-415-9428
Dario A. Perez Partner Miami 1-305-379-9162
Ivane Sargent Associate Miami 1-305-415-9152
Oliver Sepulveda Associate Miami 1-305-379-9182
Cari R. Shapiro Associate Miami 1-305-379-9136
Maziel Sodre Associate Miami 1-305-415-9429
Gladys Pérez Villanueva Partner Miami 1-305-347-7307
Frank A. Zacherl Partner Miami 1-305-347-7305

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