Name Title City Phone Email
Rafael A. Aguilar Partner Miami 1-305-379-9131
Rikki Lober Bagatell Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8547
Brendan Aloysius Barry Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3884
Matthew T. Blackshear Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8110
Sebastian Bohorquez Associate Miami 1-305-379-9119
Joseph D. Bolton Of Counsel Miami 1-305-379-9106
Adam I. Bregman Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8560
Brittany Bustillo Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8180
Leigh Ann Buzyniski Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6746
Tirso M. Carreja Jr. Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8190
Robert Cheng Partner Miami 1-305-415-9083
Stephen E. Cook Of Counsel Orlando 1-407-835-6750
Charles B. Costar III Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6910
David J. Coviello Partner Miami 1-305-415-9437
Kevin D. Cowan Partner Miami 1-305-379-9110
Chadwick Crews Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6961
Donald J. Curotto Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6770
Meredith S. Delcamp Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8149
George David Dennison II Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6779
Jean-Charles Dibbs Partner Miami 1-305-379-9192
Marshall J. Emas Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3838
J. Paul Fanning Associate Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3836
Terry B. Fein Partner Miami 1-305-347-7313
Roland A. Gallor Partner Miami 1-305-415-9073
Darrell D. Garvey Senior Attorney Orlando 1-407-835-6726
Deborah A. Getzoff Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8136
H. Timothy Gillis Partner Jacksonville 1-904-899-9926
Dana Robin Goldman Of Counsel Miami 1-305-347-7391
Florentino L. Gonzalez Partner Miami 1-305-379-9134
Michael J. Grindstaff Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6927
Michelle L. Humes Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6803
Juli Simas James Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6774
James F. Johnston Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6795
Brian M. Jones Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6937
Elizabeth M. Jones Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-671-5814
Sandra E. Krumbein Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3855
Jacob A. Kupp Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6959
Jennifer L.D. Kypreos Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8544
Arthur J. Menor Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8510
C. Richard Morgan Partner Miami 1-305-379-9171
Kristin K. Morris Senior Attorney Tampa 1-813-227-8196
Lee E. Nelson Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8160
Eric J. Neumann Associate West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8516
Daniel T. O’Keefe Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6956
Harvey E. Oyer III Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8517
Steven R. Parson Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8557
John Patterson Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3770
Michael A. Pego Associate Miami 305-415-9417
Raciel Perez Associate Tampa 1-813-227-8112
Martha Rabbitt Partner Miami 1-305-347-7330
E. Zachary Rans Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3787
Barbara Palone Richardson Of Counsel West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8546
Margaret "Peggy" A. Rolando Partner Miami 1-305-379-9144
Robert A. Savill Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6908
Christopher M. Scardina Associate Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3835
Amanda Shear Associate Miami 1-305-379-9143
Neil B. Shoter Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8535
Michael E. Siegel Partner Sarasota 1-941-552-3775
Michael A. Sjuggerud Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6967
Jennifer Slone Tobin Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6960
Elesa R. Sowell Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6947
Edwin J. Stacker Partner Fort Lauderdale 1-954-847-3839
Kyle A. Stevens Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6760
John C. Strickroot Jr. Partner West Palm Beach 1-561-650-8507
Erik F. Szabo Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6764
Alexander I. Tachmes Partner Miami 1-305-347-7341
Hillary J. Thompson Associate Orlando 1-407-835-6930
Mark D. Thomson Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6738
Karen W. Wankelman Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6780
J. Donald Wasil Partner Miami 1-305-379-9157
James G. Willard Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6909
Jason G. Williams Partner Orlando 1-407-835-6776
Adam S. Woodruff Partner Tampa 1-813-227-8172
P. Taylor Yawney Associate Miami 1-305-415-9051
Jeffrey S. York Partner Jacksonville 1-904-899-9952
Leah J. Zammit Partner Sarasota (941) 552-3505

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